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Interview with Abomino Aetas

Imiface 2010.03.23. 11:18

Dear All,

I'm happy to present you an interview with the members of Abomino Aetas. The interview was done via e-mail, between the 24th of February and the 14th of March.


- Your band was founded in 2005, and released a demo (Rebirth) and a full lenght album (Sower of Death). What kind of reactions did they gain? Or do you care about the critics' and/or fans' opinion at all?

- We are not the kind of band who makes the music for the fans, if you know what I mean. We make the music we like to make and if people like it, that is a good bonus. The reaction for Sower of Death has been outstanding, some people love it, some people hate it, just the response we like, we don't want to cater to everybody in the world.
This is a big problem with a lot of black metal bands nowadays, they water their music out too much to have a larger audience outreach.

- What does the band name stand for? Which bands or thoughts were the biggest influence on you?

- Abomino Aetas is the hate of all making and the hate for mankind.
Which bands influence us is a largely dynamic shifting base. We constantly listen to new music that inspires us.

- What are the main reasons behind the band's existence? What is the philosophy of the band?

- We are creative people who love music and art. We had an oldschool black metal album in our blood that we needed to get out. Our philosophy is our art. If you want to know more about that, simply experience our art.

- How come you share all the instrument duties within the band?

- This is an old thing. When we formed this project we were 3 people, we wanted to experiment with the structure within the project. Now we are two people working with the project and we are much more structured.
If we need other types of timbres then we two provide, we simply get in touch with someone who can provide this timbre as a session artist.

- What is your opinion about the Norwegian scene? Do you agree with the assumption that in the last few years the Scandinavian black metal movement was in a bit of crisis?

- I would not call it a crisis, and only calling it the last few years is an understatement. The end of the 90's saw a lot of uninspired copycat band cropping up. There is not a lot of great black metal that has been made the last 10 years, but so what? There are a couple of bands that still hold the banner up high. Taake and 1349 to name a few. To bad Darkthrone stopped making black metal. We rather like quality over quantity, so we don't need there to be a lot of great bands.

- I've heard that some say you and some other Norwegian bands (Taake, Koldbrann, Krypt for example) can be the key of raising the Norwegian black metal's banner once again. Do you have any thoughts about that point of view?

- We already mentioned Taake, a couple of the other so-called banner-raisers aren't really providing anything new, just rehashing old black metal. Taake is good, because Hoest makes new music that has the same spirit and attitude that old black metal had. We rather enjoy bands like DHG that, although not sounding like old black metal bands, at least does something new.

As for ourselves, we did not have the intention of breaking new ground, we wanted to make a staple oldschool black metal band as a foundation for the projects evolution.

- With which bands or people are you having a good relationship within the scene?

- What scene?

- Which bands do you like from nowadays?

Quite a lot of bands, but most of them are not black metal bands. We have a new underground movement springing up that conveys darkness in a much stronger fashion. But were to start, Dictator, Gnaw their Tongues, Ahab and Nortt are examples.

- What do you think about the nowadays black metal scene worldwide?
Do you pay attention for the other regions' black metal bands (Eastern Europe, USA, Western Europe)?

- We don't really find it to be relevant what country bands come from.
What is important to us is if they make good music or not. It doesn't have to be from a certain region to be quality material. We are also kind of tired of the "music police" saying what we are supposed to or not supposed to like. Stagnation is not a popular philosophy in our minds.

- What kind of music do you like outside black metal?

Were to start, a lot of different types of doom metal and classical music.

- You just finished recording a new material. What can we expect from this new album? Any major changes in attitude or style? When do you plan to release it? Will you tour with it, or no live shows at all?

- Yes, we have been working on a lot of new material. Some of it will not be released, as it was only music made to evolve the band, find our new direction. We wanted to grow and really make our own expression outside of musical genres. So what to expect? Hard to say.
We are going to release an EP first, as a sort of transition between our old music and our new style. Straying more and more from genres, going into an experimental state.

Regarding live. Well, we are a two man studio project. Really been that way from the start. Touring is out of the question. Touring ruins to many good bands these days. But live, we never know. It is not planned, but an exclusive show here or there, it might be possible, if people would like to see it. But we are the kind of people that would want to do something special with it.

- Have you ever heard Hungarian black metal? Did you like it?

- Witchcraft is epic.

- Are you looking forward to Burzum's new release?

- How to put this simple: No. With all do respect, I think a lot of Norwegians may have a different view on this matter. We don't really respect the man behind the music, so we can't really support his music. He's a publicity whore who uses every possible circumstance to whine himself into the papers.

- And the last one: Was there a question you were looking forward to answer, but I didn't ask it?

- Not really. Thank you for the interview and your interest in Abomino Aetas, and good luck with Zenezenezene!


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